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Audio Visual Installations

We frequently set up training or presentation facilities for clients. These may feature, for example, an interactive whiteboard and a screen with a ceiling-mounted projector. Since many organisations’ needs are similar, we have developed a selection of economical off-the-peg solutions, but we also offer a comprehensive custom planning and installation service for clients with more individual or complex needs. Our audio visual installations are second to none, so you can feel confident that you are investing in quality when you trust our team to complete a new audio visual installation at your premises.

Our objective is always to find the simplest, most efficient and most elegant solution. These projects can include designing and installing the entire room environment. We’re very practised at project managing audio visual installations in which we take care of absolutely every detail, minimising disruption and handing over a fully finished installation that’s ready for immediate use.

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Benefit from correct installation, complete with enhanced:

  • Professionalism: permanent installation shows that you have an efficient professional approach
  • Simplicity: Everything is always set up ready to go; no bad connections or missing cables
  • Efficiency: Everything is always correctly aligned and positioned, to ensure crisp, clear images
  • Confidence: You know that you can just turn up, turn on, and start presenting
  • Safety: Cables are located safely out of the way, to ensure health and safety regulations approval
  • Security: Installed equipment is much harder to steal
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