4K Display- the Ultimate in HD Resolution


4K displays are the ultimate in next-generation pin-sharp visuals, offering a staggering four times the resolution of current ‘high definition’ standards. The content is displayed at a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution, allowing for much sharper, clearer and smoother moving images compared with screens of the same size running at High Definition resolutions of 1080p (or 1,920 x 1,080 pixels).

4K is quickly becoming a well-adopted video resolution, particularly for large size displays like video walls, digital signage, bigger LED TVs and projection systems.

Already adopted by major manufacturers like Sharp, Samsung, Sony and LG, the technology is becoming well established and a truly viable option for anyone from retail outlets with interactive video walls to homeowners looking for the ultimate home cinema experience.

Cutting-Edge Ultra HD Visuals

4K is the perfect format to adopt for any large video displays, allowing for clearer images and smoother animation regardless of how large the screen size is. If lower resolution images are scaled to fit big video wall displays, digital signage or home cinemas, then the effect can be lower-quality visuals – but 4K eliminates this issue.

These displays allow advertisers to improve the quality of their campaigns, and ensure more engaging visuals for FOH environments, presentations and retail environments. For further details on how are new 4K systems can improve your business, home or organisation, contact the Project Audio Visual Ltd team today.