Barco ClickShare – Collaboration Made Easy


Barco ClickShare is the AV system designed to revolutionise meetings, conferences, lectures or any situation that involves the presenting of information in a range of formats. With Barco ClickShare, the jumble of cables cluttering the desk is gone and you can display your content with crystal clear precision – leaving you to focus on presenting, rather than technology.

ClickShare is a wireless presentation and collaboration system that allows all participants in a meeting to share their own content on one main display screen. The system consists of three components – the ClickShare base unit, a number of ClickShare buttons and a tray to hold the buttons when they’re not in use.

How it Works:

The base unit is connected to the main display screen in the room and the buttons are used to launch individual participant’s content on the main screen – images, videos and presentations can be shared using laptops, smartphones and tablets with a click of a button. Up to four pieces of content can be displayed on the screen at one time.

With other distribution systems, distortion can be a common problem when displaying information from a laptop to a larger screen. However this is no longer an issue as the system will not change your laptops resolution, instead it makes optimal use of both the laptop and the display’s resolution.

The Barco ClickShare is ideal for use in a plethora of situations from conference rooms to class rooms; almost any sector would benefit from the implementation of these collaboration systems from government departments, the health service, legal and training establishments to marketing and telecommunication businesses.

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