Cat5 Distribution offers Robust Processes to Improve your Environment

One of the key features of integrating audio visual solutions into your home or business is the fundamental need for first class AV distribution that provides robust and reliable solutions that enhance AV performance in any environment.

Here at Project Audio Visual Ltd we have the skills, the resources and the expertise to provide excellent and unrivalled Cat5 processing products that are 100% compatible with your audio visual technologies.Using a combination of category 5 transmitters and receivers to create long distance distribution of a range of applications from RBG video, S-video and composite video and audio without distorting the quality of the content.

Cat5 processing can be utilised in a plethora of different situations, it can create smoother, more efficient delivery of presentations in meeting rooms, colleges and universities and even government departments. The retail sector, including hotels can also benefit from Cat5 processing, allowing for better quality advertising, enabling you to quickly and easily stream content, video and even newsfeeds on to TV screens and wall displays.

With an extensive client base, spanning a range of industries, whatever sector your business lies in we can provide you with tailored audio visual solutions that are completely compatible with your business model. For more information on our services please don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 0118 9180 180.