Evoko Room Manager – The Ultimate Meeting Room Solution


The latest in meeting room technology, the Evoko Room Manager is the innovative touch screen solution for your meeting rooms. The system presents a comprehensive, user friendly way of booking meetings – eradicating issues of double booked rooms and interrupted meetings.

The 8” touch sensitive, LCD display is typically placed outside meeting rooms and is equipped with a backlight which changes from red to green depending on whether the meeting room is available or not.

How The Room Manager Works:

Rooms can be booked directly using the Evoko Room Manager as well as via your smart phone or regular calendar software. The screen will display meeting room availability and times as well as giving information of the resources in the room such as how many people it can accommodate and the technology available to use.

The Evoko Room Manager can be utilised in many different establishments from hotels and council offices to media buildings, management and consultancy firms. Reducing the risk of confusion over room bookings, the Room Manager can increase meeting room availability; it has a built in check in function that releases booked meeting rooms if no one shows up for their scheduled slot, allowing other people to utilise that time.

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