Vitrum Home Control – Bringing your home into the 21st Century


Bringing together all of the core features of your property into one place, Vitrum Home Control is the most advanced, the simplest and most stylish home automation solution currently on the market.

Here at Project Audio Visual Ltd we are proud to be able to offer Vitrum Home Control systems as we believe they are unrivalled in terms of the varying degrees of automation they are able to offer. From simply providing lighting control through to a comprehensive hub of home resources – including audio and video control, climate control and security systems – Vitrum control systems are beautifully designed and incredibly easy to use.

Innovative Z-Wave Technology

At the heart of what makes Vitrum so successful is the Z-Wave wireless technology that connects all of the systems together. The future of home automation, Z-Wave allows for users to have many compliant devices working in harmony throughout the home.

This wireless capability also allows users to control every Vitrum system in their home via the Home Mast remote control, as well as the Home Master app, available via iTunes. This allows users to chance to switch on lighting, heating or home entertainment systems via their smart phone or tablet.

So if you’re interested in taking control of all your home’s systems with one simple to use, beautiful home automation solution, look no further than Vitrum Home Control available here at Project Audio Visual Ltd. To find out more about these incredible devices simply give us a call on 0118 9180 180 and one of our experienced, knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any of your enquiries.