Bespoke AV design for the Education Sector: New Technologies that Aid Education. 

As is often the case with other industry sub-sectors, the educational sector in the UK is rapidly adapting to the changes and challenges brought about by technology. This sector is increasingly moving away from traditional face-to-face teaching methods and exploring the wide range of teaching and learning possibilities afforded by new technologies. In the twenty-first century, educational facilities foster interactive learning through the use of advanced equipment, therefore equipping students with the skills that they will need in their future careers.

We can assist you with full or partial audiovisual installations in classrooms, auditoriums, and lecture theatres. Many of our audiovisual solutions can be set up to ensure compatibility with your existing equipment, cutting costs and boosting productivity among staff and students. We can supply and install everything from single screen displays to award-winning tools like Crestron CaptureLive HD and Crestron DigitalMedia, which are incredibly practical solutions for educational institutions that run distance or online programmes.

Flexible Solutions for Modern Preschools

Project Audio Visual Ltd is known for delivering high-quality, cost-effective, and innovative solutions for the educational sector. In the specific case of preschools, we rely on Crestron technology to deliver flexible teaching and training solutions.

Crestron CaptureLive HD is widely used in preschools to add a creative and interactive edge to the presentation of educational content. This device allows the capture and streaming of crisp images and life-like audio that can catch the undivided attention of preschool children. Crestron DigitalMedia, which relies on of the most acclaimed new technologies (4K) to deliver bright and realistic multimedia content. Likewise, with Crestron’s CVPHD-GB digital annotator, preschool teachers can easily and effectively draw the attention of children to a whiteboard or to a screen. As no two preschools are alike, we are happy to work on the design of bespoke solutions that can be adapted to the needs and budget of different preschools.

Transforming Primary Education with Cutting-Edge AV Technology

Modern classrooms are interactive environments where rich and engaging content is delivered on a daily basis. The widespread use of educational technology means that nowadays, the ability to use new technologies effectively is quickly becoming an integral part of the skills needed by teaching staff. However, primary education institutions are faced with complex challenges too, one of the most important being the need to produce tangible results without exceeding their allocated budget.

Crestron CaptureLive HD allows lessons to be recorded and safely stored so that content can be delivered as and when required, cutting down on lesson preparation time and allowing teachers to focus on their students. Crestron CaptureLive HD can also be beneficial during in-house training sessions and at professional development events for primary school teachers.

Crestron Digital Media presents primary schools with an integrated solution for the delivery of analog and digital content, offering remote management and the possibility to stream content simultaneously to multiple devices. We must also highlight the benefits of Crestron DVPHD-GB, an innovative multimedia annotator that is set to replace traditional blackboards and whiteboards as a means of presenting content. This device is particularly suitable for the delivery of some key national curriculum content, including science, geography, and ICT.

In addition to the above, we can also help make primary schools and their immediate environment safer thanks to our range of bespoke CCTV solutions.

Putting Technology at the Service of Secondary Education

Our team has ample experience delivering state-of-the-art solutions to secondary schools nationwide. We work with more than 30 well-established partners and manufacturers of the most advanced equipment and are able to carry out installations of all sizes and levels of complexity.

In addition to supplying short-throw projectors, display screens, and interactive whiteboards, we can fit classrooms and teaching rooms with new-generation technologies like Crestron CaptureLive HD, Crestron DVPHD-GB, and Crestron DigitalMedia. These are particularly useful during the delivery of educational content in GCSE subjects such as science, design and technology, media arts, and foreign languages, as they provide a fully immersive environment that encourages learning.

Fostering Innovative Thinking and Quality Higher Education Teaching With Technology

As the number of students who have access to higher education increases, colleges and universities face new challenges. These institutions are now required to cater to a wide range of learning styles and educational needs, while delivering high-quality content that is crucial in the training of future professionals. AV Technology is currently the new standard when it comes to efficient delivery content in higher education settings, and we now put at your disposal a wide-ranging selection of systems that can help empower educators while acting as a powerful motivator for higher education students.

Crestron CaptureLive HD is an acclaimed hi-tech system that has multiple applications in higher education settings. With this compact device, lecturers can record and disseminate educational content that can later be used in lecture theatres, labs, or seminar rooms. This device also has live streaming capabilities and content can be viewed simultaneously in multiple devices anywhere and anytime.

Crestron CVPHD-GB and Crestron DigitalMedia are other highly valuable tools that can help teaching staff select relevant content and present it in an engaging manner that sparks interest among college and university students. What is more, acquiring systems such as these can be seen as a fruitful investment that has benefits beyond the lecture theatre. For example, Crestron DigitalMedia has been successfully used during university board meetings at prestigious institutions and research facilities like Northwestern University and Georgetown University. All our solutions feature low ownership costs and round-the-clock technical support.

Promoting Collaboration & Innovations Within Colleges & Universities

We work with universities of all sizes to create bespoke solutions that are designed to improve students’ experience. More and more colleges are using e-learning. Distance education also allows colleges to offer flexible learning opportunities for students who cannot commute and have other obligations, such as family or work. Advances in AV technology provide colleges with the opportunity to teach remotely and expand their reach.

We supply an array of exciting technologies that provide hands-on and interactive teaching experiences, as well as options for remote educators and distance education. From video-supported classrooms to the latest presentation equipment, we have options that will meet your needs. Our experts design and install solutions withCreston CaptureLive HD, Crestron DigitalMedia end-to-end 4K distribution, and HDBaseT technology for exceptional connectivity and uncompressed HD multimedia content from Crestron, CYP Europe, Extron, SY Electronics and WyreStorm. We also supply Crestron DVPHD-GB, BrightSign Digital Signage and Cat5 Distribution technology from CYP Europe, Extron and SY Electronics. View our technologies page for more information.