Project Audio Visual Ltd – Leisure


At Project Audio Visual Ltd we only provide AV equipment that has been manufactured by the best brands on the market. Our technical team, equipped with state of the art AV systems, can bring together everything you need to make your hotel, night club, and yacht or sports facility beyond perfect. Using a plethora of multimedia facilities and environmental systems, from large screen LED TVs to wireless audio streaming systems, you will be able to control everything from sound and lighting to temperature control and security features. We can also provide CCTV solutions from the likes of LILIN and IC Realtime, ideal for monitoring your leisure facility for the purpose of security and visitor safety.

AV for Night Clubs

AV for Night ClubsNight clubs demand precise, reliable and consistent audio visual systems that never fail to bring in customers and keep them returning again and again. The success of a night club relies heavily on the sounds, the themes and the atmosphere – the essential ingredients that give you the edge over others in the industry.

We supply and install the very best in technologies to night clubs up and down the country, providing seamless technology that works harmoniously with their current equipment.

We implement BrightSign Digital Signage products, bringing large display screens and video walls into your night club for that instant wow factor. Alongside the visual equipment we combine all the relevant AV distribution you need using HDBaseT – a platform that delivers HDMI, IR, RS-232 and Ethernet output using a single CAT cable infrastructure.

Security is a paramount feature for night clubs so we also provide comprehensive CCTV systems, tailoring the equipment to suit the layout of your club, making simple yet effective surveillance of your entire premises possible.

AV for Pubs & Bars

AV for Pubs and barsEntertaining, engaging and providing an all-round welcoming experience to customers is absolutely key for any pub or bar, and with increasingly high expectations from customers this relies more and more on the technology available. From large LED TVs for the biggest sporting events or entertainment to seamlessly integrated systems to create the right kind of atmosphere for your target audience, technology plays an essential role in both attracting and retaining the right customer base.

We utilise cutting edge technologies from leading brands including Samsung, WyreStorm and BrightSign to help you create a unique experience in your pub or bar. Samsung LED TVs and digital signage from Brightsign provide the perfect platforms for entertainment and promotion, while high-tech, 4K-capable AV distribution systems from WyrseStorm ensure everything works together seamlessly in one unified system – easily controllable by any member of staff.

AV for Sporting facilities

In the larger sporting arena where sport is played at the highest level certain split second events can often be missed by the viewing audience. We are able to provide high definition screens that can help display the most up to date statistics, information and even instant replays in a stunningly clear and sharp picture ensuring your audience won’t miss a thing.

We can provide as simple or as complex a solution as your business requires, but the end result is always the same – a seamlessly integrated, flawlessly operating AV setup which attracts attention, engages customers and creates an experience that can improve ROI and brand identity.