Bespoke AV design for the Public Sector


The ever-growing interconnectedness of the business world means that organisations in the public sector are under increasing pressure to deliver results, be accountable for their operations, and meet stringent performance and budget standards. We are well aware of the crucial role that the public sector plays in the smooth functioning of the economy, so we have developed an extensive and highly advanced range of solutions designed to suit the needs of government departments, councils, emergency services, healthcare, and media organisations.


Public healthcare organisations could simply not fulfill their crucial function without having at their disposal the latest and most advanced technologies, and this is precisely where we can be of assistance.

Training and continuing education is a crucial element in the delivery of professional healthcare. Thanks to wireless presentation technology like that offered by Barco ClickShare, our firm can support the requirements of lecture theatres or auditoriums at teaching hospitals.

This technology can be supplemented with Crestron CaptureLive HD, which is designed to deliver audio visual content online (including lectures and recordings of medical procedures) securely and with precision.


We understand how councils are subject to a considerable amount of pressure both at internal and at external level. Councils are increasingly required to show evidence of accountability and transparency in their everyday operations. At the same time, these pubic bodies are often subject to budget cuts that put additional pressure on their operational capabilities.

We can be of assistance to councils by providing tailor-made solutions that promote collaboration, prompt decision making, and increased productivity. A council’s ability to fulfill its functions in a cost-efficient manner can be greatly improved through the use of reliable technology that facilitates the handling of large volumes of multimedia data.

Our range of Crestron products are adequate for use in council chambers, command centres, and public healthcare facilities, as it offers flawless audio and video reproduction, recording, streaming, along with remote digital video annotation and other innovative possibilities for collaboration.

Government Departments

There is no denying that modern organisations operate in a fast-paced and fast-changing environment that demands adaptability, competence, and resourcefulness. This is particularly applicable to organisations in the public sector, including government departments at all levels.

At Project Audio Visual Ltd we thrive on challenge and we strongly believe that now is the time to think outside of the box and to deliver cost-effective, innovative, and inspirational solutions that can help UK government departments achieve better results without putting additional pressure on their additional resources. In order to do so, we now put at the disposal of governmental departments a fully comprehensive selection of solutions that can help them stay ahead of the curve and improve their public image.

Smart and Powerful Technology

Government departments can now benefit from using Barco ClickShare technology, a fully integrated and intuitive audio visual product that facilitates collaboration across devices and across governmental departments without compromising data security. Crestron DigitalMedia integrates digital and analogue content allowing crystal-clear streaming and HD signal distribution in-house and beyond. Crestron’s CaptureLive HD – a compact audio visual capture device that adds a secure and multi-dimensional aspect to high-level meetings, conferences, training events, and presentations.

Our fully fledged team has more than 20 years’ experience serving companies in the public sector helping them streamline operations, tap into their full potential, and increase their efficiency and responsiveness levels. View some of the clients we have worked with and contact us to discuss your needs, offer helpful advice, and free quotations wherever you are in the UK.