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Easy, secure, reliable

The use of Internet protocols to enable video conferencing is an exciting new development in this area. Multimedia content can now be delivered anytime and anywhere without overburdening your network capacity. This allows for the seamless transmission of live voice and audio signals, recreating true-to-life experiences that can enhance the communicative power of any organisation. Project Audio Visual Ltd has ample experiencing designing and installing unobtrusive video conferencing systems that deliver high quality audio and video content.

Project Audio Visual Ltd have been designing, building, installing and supporting Video Conferencing systems for over 20 years. Our aim is to understand your business needs, to recommend the right products for your application and to help you get the maximum out of your chosen solution. From individual desktop systems to the latest telepresence systems, we have the experience to help you find the best fit solution for your organisation. Our systems recreate the meeting room experience, so you can have face-to-face conversation with your globally dispersed teams without the expense and inconvenience of travel significantly improving your team’s availability and effectiveness.

SAVE your business TIME & MONEY with power of VIDEO!

Video Conferencing gives you the opportunity to connect directly with people in different locations. Using simple internet technology, you can speak to and see other people across the world.

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Project Audio Visual Ltd build a lasting relationship with Mondi Group


When the headquarters of the Mondi Europe & International in Vienna underwent a ‘systems refresh’ in 2014 the UK headquarters in Addlestone were also given the go ahead, and Project Audio Visual Ltd were requested back to install a completely new audio visual system. Due to our longstanding relationship, Mondi instructed Project AV to design and specify the upgrade but to also keep certain elements in line with Vienna, for example, swapping the existing Polycom VSX8000 VC systems for Cisco SX80 systems. This is something Project AV did without difficulty and taught every member of staff how to use the new equipment.

‘PAV are quite simply the best audio visual company I have worked with, and I’ve been dealing with them now for 4 years. Their knowledge in their field is absolutely complete. On the rare occasion that they don’t have an answer to your question they go away and find one. They always take the time to explain fully to ‘non techies’ like me the how‚ and why‚ of our system. They are always contactable, approachable, always turn up on time, our IT Support Team rate them highly and they are nice bunch of guys as well.’

  • Project Audio Visual - Mondi Group - Case Study 1

Video Conferencing Solutions under one roof

Get more done with the power of video

Help your people collaborate from anywhere – With our smart video conferencing solutions, you can now benefit from the latest technological breakthroughs. Fully interactive meetings, remote recruitment, and collaborative teaching and learning are just some of the possible applications of our revolutionary video conferencing technology. We are a full service provider offering expertise and delivering a wide range of video conferencing solutions that can revolutionise your business

Cloud Video Conferencing for the new generation

Easy to use with dynamic solutions bringing together dispersed teams and enabling workers to connect visually and collaborate at the click of a button, Cloud Video Conferencing is a fully integrated, end to end solution. Simple to use and simple to scale up to all employees, it’s a very affordable option that is lower investment than telepresence. Telepresence conferencing requires a larger investment and have been traditionally kept for free for high level strategic meetings. Now, with improvements in technology & communications, video conferencing solutions are increasingly being adopted, at home, on desktops and for mobile workers, and becoming mission critical to a business’s everyday workflow.


To reinforce just how much our video conferencing equipment can save your business, we have created a video conference calculator to let you work out just how much money you could save per meeting by investing in a bespoke video conferencing solution. Simply click here and start saving! 


Benefits of Cloud Based Video Conferencing

– The ability to call anyone, anywhere, irrespective of the type of their device, whether it is Microsoft Lync, Cisco, Polycom or any other standards-based endpoint

– Exceptional quality of service and call quality

– Security to ensure the privacy of all calls

– Reliable firewall traversal without the need to open up ports through the firewall

– Flexibility – the ability to call anyone, anywhere, irrespective of the type of their device

– Simple remote provisioning, monitoring and reporting

– A web portal for user and endpoint management

– The ability to register and manage standards-based endpoints already owned

Types of Video Conferencing

Telepresence – Immersive conferencing; the next best thing to being there in person

Desktop – Meet face-to-face around the world without leaving your desk

Traditional – Making communication and collaboration easier than ever


Advantages of Video Conferencing

AV Equipment HireSaves Time & Money – By eliminating geographical restrictions, enables operations to be effectively managed with little effort and minimal investment.

Reduces Travel – face to face communication without having to leave your workspace allowing businesses to reduce travel time & cost.

Increases Global Efficiency – effectively communicating and collaborating with a myriad of selected business associates and clients simultaneously around the globe.

Increases Productivity – effectively communicating and collaborating with a myriad of selected business associates and clients simultaneously increased decision making.

Increases ROI – Saving time, eliminating travel costs and increasing productivity enable a business to measure a fast, significant and measurable return on investment.

Reduces Carbon Footprint -Governments around the world have set targets for reducing carbon emissions and brought in regulation for businesses to comply with to achieve those targets. Using video conferencing instead of travelling helps you to reduce your carbon footprint and demonstrates your own green credentials.

Video Conferencing Equipment & Technology


Our relationships with industry leaders such as Cisco and Polycom give us an inside track on the latest product developments, and we’re ready to work with you to make video conferencing easy, reliable and cost-effective.

Our video conferencing equipment is functional, cost-effective, and user friendly, as we rely on new-generation technologies like 4K, Crestron DigitalMedia distribution systems, Matrox smart cameras, and Radvision video desktop applications.

We work within an exclusive range of trusted partners and manufacturers, such as Polycom, Cisco, Crestron, and Barco.

Polycom Video Conferencing specialise in creating tele-presence systems that result in a fully immersive virtual meeting experience. Cisco Video Conferencing create bespoke installations that allow cloud conferencing and video recording and streaming.

Tailored Designs. Professional Installation. Expert Training.

As a leading supplier and installer, our most distinctive feature is our customer-oriented approach and our wide-ranging technical expertise where we go beyond simply recommending the best options to our customers and provide unbiased recommendations to meet your specific objectives and budget.

Our Service Includes:

  • Free initial site survey
  • Full system design
  • Installation
  • Project Management
  • Staff training
  • Ongoing service and support

Why Chose Project Audio Visual Ltd?

  • Purpose-built solutions for each customer’s specific needs
  • Approved suppliers and installers
  • Full project management
  • Installation of hardware and peripherals
  • Training, technical support and maintenance


We provide free site surveys (when required), so if you’d like to find out more about what a Project Audio Visual Ltd video wall can offer your business, the features they can offer or to receive a no obligation quotation.