Here at Project Audio Visual, we understand that companies are always looking to save time and money when it comes to unavoidable meetings. Frequently, businesses will spend hundreds of pounds to get their representatives to client meetings across the country; but what if we told you we had come up with a solution? Our video conferencing equipment offers our customers complete freedom, as they are all bespoke to a business’ unique requirements. The additional channels of communication that these platforms can provide make it easier for participants of different cultures to understand what everybody is trying to say. All of this leads to more agile and global business operations.

Now is the time to embrace face-to- face meetings at the click of a button without the additional expenses. Online discussions can make things easier and faster, and groups in the same location no longer need big budgets to buy expensive equipment to conduct meetings online. Many employees embrace the benefits of these systems such as less travel, more flexibility, faster decision-making and greater team diversity. Here at Project Audio Visual, we ensure that our products deliver exactly what you need, whilst fitting with your working environment. No matter the size of the company, there is an affordable online meeting solution available for you. There is no excuse not to jump in, but a plethora of reasons for why you should take the leap.

To reinforce just how much our video conferencing equipment can save your business, we have created a video conference calculator to let you work out just how much money you could save per meeting by investing in a bespoke video conferencing solution. Simply enter the number of employees that would be present at a meeting, the duration of their travel, and their average salary, and we will do the rest.

We think you’ll be surprised just how much we can help.

1. Number of participants

2. Average annual salary

3. Duration of travel (hours)

Skype for Business/Lync/web VC Suite 4-8 People

Logitech USB 1080p PTZ Camera

Revolabs YVC1000

Installation & Cabling

From £2230 + VAT

You can quickly save huge costs to your business by installing our video conferencing equipment. After just a few of the meetings you’ve imputed, our video conferencing technology will pay for itself.

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Cloud Based VC Suite – Will communicate with any video conferencing system 4-8 People

  • StarLeaf 3330 Group Telepresence Mini - Option 1 with 2020 Touch
  • Codec with single screen support bundled with 2020 Touch, microphone and Logitech C920 HD Pro USB Camera
  • 1 Year Support
  • StarLeaf Hardware Endpoint Connection License - (1 Year)
  • License dedicated to a single StarLeaf hardware endpoint. Includes registration, firewall traversal, directories, video mail, point-to-point calling, H.323/SIP calling, Guest Invites, Presence, Cloud Management, 4 digit dialing, updates, upgrades and technical support.
  • Installation & Cabling
  • From £3028 + VAT

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    Polycom IP VC System - 8 Person Meeting Room

    Polycom RealPresence Group 500

    1 Year Support

    VC Camera Shelf

    Bose Amplifier & Speakers

    Installation & Cabling

    From £7189 + VAT

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