Inspirational AV Solutions for Multiple Industries and Applications


Over the past 20 years, Project Audio Visual Ltd has accumulated the necessary technical expertise to deliver bespoke Audio Visual (AV) solutions across multiple industries. We have successfully implemented creative and bespoke AV solutions that match our clients home and work needs and are recognised as one of the UKs leading AV specialists; working with many globally recognised brands integrating effortless control, sophistication and cutting edge technologies.

Our conferencing systems are in use at lecture theatres, auditoria, training centres, and boardrooms all over the UK. Similarly, our Clock Audio wireless, paging, hand-held, and ceiling microphones have been fitted in various health care facilities where multi-disciplinary and remote collaboration is required on a regular basis. Our team can also install Sonos Audio Streaming solutions at visitor centres, retail outlets, leisure facilities, hotels, and at custom-built properties. Private clients can now enjoy professional sound systems in their own homes thanks to HDBase T technology, which is featured in many of our AV solutions.

Implementing successful AV Systems across the UK

Technology becomes a necessity and crucial component of global business communications. While many still claim that technology cannot replace human interaction, we firmly believe that our new-generation audio visual (AV) systems can be a profitable and convenient alternative to face-to-face communication.

Our corporate clients can benefit from a range of AV systems; digital signal processors that relay audio signals in real time and with crystal-clear and life-like sound; PA systems; customised conference room audio set-ups; complex microphone and speaker installations; and presentation audio systems.

We offer Mobile AV systems that allow you to use your equipment in various rooms, including boardrooms, meeting rooms and auditoriums. Our equipment combines operational flexibility and convenience with clear audio quality. We are experts in supplying and installing wireless audio multi-room solutions, including portable and mobile speakers of various sizes. We also supply audio docks and wireless audio hubs to link your system’s components for seamless operation.

Project Audio Visual Ltd can help deliver concise and up-to-the-minute AV systems. We also cater to the residential market thanks to our innovative home cinema, multi-room audio distribution, and remotely controlled integrated AV systems. We make every effort to ensure that our av systems suit your lifestyle and budget and enhance your quality of life.

From immersive audio and cinematic experiences in the connected home, to lightning fast video conferencing in the workplace, Project Visual Audio Ltd delivers it all. Every project, like every client, is unique. Our team of highly skilled designers, programmers and engineers will work closely with you, creating bespoke AV systems to your requirements and budget.

To find out more about how our inspirational audio visual solutions can improve your business operations or the quality of your life, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements.