Home Automation Systems – Smart Homes with Smart Capabilities


Smart home automation is a fantastic way to integrate technology into the day to day running of your property, giving you seamless control and incorporating increased energy efficiency, comfort and flexibility. Our wide smart home automation, from leading manufacturers like Sharp and Samsung, ensure that we’re able to supply technology the latest home intelligence.

Our audio visual experts design smart home automation systems that make your life easier. From full audio visual integration to lighting control, Vitrum Home Control offers a wireless solution for intelligent home automation. Sculpted in glass, each product looks contemporary and stylish. Glass wall controllers are available in a variety of colours and designs to complement your space.

Home Cinema Installations

We utilise high quality comprehensive home theatre systems from RTI, as well universal distribution systems utilising the HDBaseT connectivity standard to provide the best possible uncompressed HD video, audio, home networking and more. Our fully integrated media management systems use Cat5 Distribution products from CYP Europe, Extron and SY Electronics that optimise HD video quality to ensure the best experience from your home cinema installation.

We work closely with you to design a truly custom smart home cinema system with your needs, home and budget heavily in mind. Whether you’re after a brand new 4K home cinema system or a comprehensive home automation setup integrating audio visual technology, lighting, heating and security our extensive industry expertise means we’re able to deliver a flawless product each and every time.

Multi Room Audio Video

We specialise in creating fully integrated smart homes. Whether you are looking for a bespoke solution for individual units or a standard offering for all units, we can design and install affordable media management systems that will catch the eye of prospective tenants and homeowners.

We use Sonos products to create smart systems with Hi-Fi wireless speakers and audio components giving you instant access and control over music and home cinema audio throughout your home – wirelessly. We also incorporate HDBaseT technology for uncompressed HD video, audio, power, home networking and more, and we use Cat5 Distribution products that optimise HD video.

Climate Control Systems

Want your heating on ready for when you arrive home from work? Simply activate it from your PC in the office. Perhaps you’ve left lights on and you’ve gone on holiday – a simple tap on a smartphone app can give you complete control over all lighting everywhere in your home.

Our climate control systems, such as the Crestron CHV range and the ELAN g! System not only provide incredible control and flexibility through home control panels, but allow you to remotely control HVAC systems and lighting through a smart device or desktop program.

We also install environmental controls that help you improve energy conservation. Our environmental climate control systems are made by leading manufacturers including Crestron, RTI and ELAN.

Climate control gives you smart home automation that allows you manage control of temperatures, air conditioning and lighting not just at home but when you’re out an about as well.

Home CCTV & Security

Full automation is an attractive feature for prospective tenants and homeowners. They also help landlords better manage their properties with environmental controls that monitor energy use and maximise energy conservation. We also supply certified security systems to protect your property and residents. To keep you safe, we install door entry and intercom systems from BPT and Crestron with intercom and video components, as well as wired and wireless CCTV systems from LILIN and IC Realtime.

Controlled Lighting systems

The Vitrum Home Control system is a comprehensive home automation control system, integrating touch-sensitive panels with a smart device app to give you control over everything from lighting and security to climate control and house-wide master switches.

Our audio visual specialists work closely with home builders across the United Kingdom to design and install reliable and affordable systems. We strive to create seamless home automation solutions, whether you are looking for technology to control lighting or a fully integrated entertainment systems. From environmental controls to security systems, we design and install wired and wireless solutions for all types of residential properties.