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The Rise of the AV projector

Modern AV projection, fuelled by ever evolving technology, are revolutionising audio visual presentations. Project Audio Visual provides various AV projector options, including dynamic LCD (liquid crystal display), LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) and DLP (digital light processing) projectors, lasers and hybrids. These are powerful presentation tools that make it easier and more seamless for presenters to utilise technology, while ensuring an incredible visual experience for the audience.

Cost effective projector display

The quality of projection display systems has improved enormously in recent years. Projector display has always been the most cost effective means of displaying a very large image or video as part of a presentation. In the past, the trade off for cost effectiveness was washed out images and blurry details. New technology that uses lasers instead of normal bulbs results in high quality projected images, with intense colour and contrast. Projector display is still cost effective – requiring little maintenance and having minimal environmental impact.

Presentation systems that are non intrusive  

Projectors and presentation systems can be installed in a way that is discreet and non intrusive. Project Audio Visual can provide AV projectors that drop down from a false ceiling. Projection screens can be installed in a similar way. Because all AV equipment can easily be stored away at the click of a button, venues do not need to be limited by the equipment that is available, and the same room could be feasibly used as both a wedding venue or a conference facility.

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