Choose LFD for the WOW factor

Large format display (LFD) is the king of all audio visual equipment, having the power to completely dominate and provide exceptional, highly visible, AV displays. Project Audio Visual integrates LFD with AV technology to deliver incredible, state of the art visual presentations for sports stadiums, retail centres, auditoriums and other public spaces.n

large format display creates impact

Incredible, precise picture quality, exciting, impactful visuals and consistent images no matter what the viewing angle – this is what makes large format displays in such high demand. Our LFD installations offer flexible connectivity from multiple input sources, uninterrupted operation and superb, crisp colour.

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Why Choose Project Audio Visual For Your AV LFD?

Project Audio Visual supplies large format displays encased in thin bezel cabinets, that are stylish while being unobtrusive, allowing the message of the digital signage to take centre stage. Our LFD installations are a superb investment, incorporating future thinking design to minimise the costs of upgrades and replacements. They can be custom designed, hired or purchased, and we also offer maintenance services at a competitive rate. Get in touch and we will provide an obligation free quote and site survey.

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