Video Conferencing Equipment for today

While traditional conference rooms are still an important part of many offices, there is an increasing need for personal AV and web conferencing facilities to be accessible at individual employees’ desktops, or in huddle rooms where video conferencing equipment can be integrated on a smaller scale. These smaller set ups are less expensive and are a great solution for smaller businesses or where employees have frequent conferencing needs that do not require the use of a large conference room.

Video conferencing solutions save money

Video conferencing is truly an investment for any business. At Project Audio Visual, we provide video conferencing solutions that save time to increase productivity and reduce travel costs by allowing face to face meetings to take place between remote users. We ensure that our systems are set up with the appropriate hardware such as cameras, displays and microphones for the size of your conference room and the number of users, and recommend cost effective solutions based on your needs and budget.

Web conferencing helps businesses save time 

Web conferencing adds enormous value to small meeting spaces and huddle rooms. Our cloud-based plug and play web conferencing systems integrate with wireless devices for speedy setup. They are also more cost effective, making it feasible to install multiple AV solutions in different areas of an office space. Web conferencing systems allow for spontaneous meetings to be set up between smaller groups of people, eliminating the hassle of having to book days in advance when sharing a single conference room between multiple employees.

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Why Choose Project Audio Visual Your Video Conferencing Solution?

Project Audio Visual Ltd have been designing and building video conferencing solutions and installing and supporting video conferencing equipment for many years. Our aim is to understand your business needs, to recommend the right products for your application and to help you get the maximum out of your chosen solution. From web conferencing systems to the latest telepresence systems, we have the experience to help you find the best audio visual conferencing solution for your organisation. Our systems recreate the meeting room experience, so you can have a face-to-face conversation with your globally dispersed teams without the expense and inconvenience of travel, significantly improving your team’s availability and effectiveness. Get in touch and we will provide an obligation free quote and site survey.

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