The Kino-mo Hypervsn Hologram is the future of digital signage

Nothing could be more futuristic than the idea of hologram advertising. It might seem like something out of a sci-fi movie, but the Kino-mo Hypervsn Hologram System makes digital advertising using holograms a startling and wonderful reality.

Picture this: a walkway in an upmarket shopping centre, the lobby of a luxurious hotel, a beautifully designed stand at an exclusive industry expo. Your product or service springs to life as a glittering, 3D hologram – making passers by stop in their tracks. You’ve been dreaming of this since you watched Back to the Future as a kid, and technology now makes holographic digital signage entirely possible.

The word’s best hologram projection system

Project Audio Visual has partnered with Kino-mo and are the UK representative for selling and installing this state of the art holographic technology. The Kino-mo Hypervsn Hologram is world renowned as the original, best and most reliable hologram projection system, far exceeding the quality offered by cheap Chinese counterparts.

From retail and leisure to hospitality and events, holographic projection takes digital signage to the ultimate level, creating advertising that is truly out of this world.


Benefits of the Kino-mo Hypervsn Hologram System


Project Audio Visual and Kino-mo – partners in holographic projection

Project Audio Visual are Kino-mo’s UK partners to sell and install the Hypersn Hologrpahic System. As leading UK digital signal experts, Project Audio Visual boast extensive skills and knowledge of this groundbreaking technology and can install, develop eye catching content and effectively manage your holographic advertising. For more information view our Kino-mo Hypervsn partner page or get in touch and we will provide an obligation free quote and a site survey.

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