Cestron DigitalMedia®

The only fully-engineered, field-proven, end-to-end solution for managing and distributing digital AV and control signals

Leading Innovation

If you operate a business and require the best picture quality streamed across multiple screen’s then the Crestron DigitalMedia system is ideally suited for you. Capable of producing visually stunning displays it can be used throughout shops, classrooms, businesses and many more. With the ability to accept analog, digital and control signals such as USB it can then transmit them over the entire network.

DigitalMedia® Technology Is…

End-to-end 4K support
DigitalMedia continues to deliver the best image quality and fastest switching available today. Only DM® provides complete, end-to-end 4K/60 scaling and distribution for presentation and collaboration in business, education, medical, or security

Content protection for the 4k era
Currently installed systems won’t transmit HDCP 2.2 protected content, but upgrading is easy with DigitalMedia. DM includes everything you need to deliver fully compliant end-to-end HDCP 2.2 4K distribution solutions right now.

Network AV solutions
DigitalMedia delivers low bandwidth, high quality network AV with or without a matrix switcher using standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure and devices. Network AV is perfect for video distribution between rooms, buildings, or cities.

AirMedia® wireless
BYOD presentation is a necessity. But most wireless solutions rely on Wi-Fi® and are not managed on the network, don’t leverage standard security protocols, and don’t automatically disconnect at the end of meetings. AirMedia® is uniquely designed for commercial use.


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Why Choose Project Audio Visual To Install Crestron DigitalMedia?

Crestron DigitalMedia is at the very forefront of cutting edge technology and is constantly developed to ensure that it is raising the bar for what you can expect. As the only field-proven end-to-end solution it is considered the industry standard when using audio visual equipment in your industry. The system provides a dynamic and creative output that you can constantly rely on to deliver for your business. Get in touch and we will provide an obligation free quote and a site survey

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