Oblong Mezzanine

What can Mezzanine do for your teams?

Mezzanine creates a visually immersive meeting environment for teams to do their most important work. The dynamic multi-screen workspace commands attention when presenting information. Real-time content- sharing from multiple sources makes complex sets of data accessible to all. Teams get the big picture and make better, more confident decisions.

Oblong Mezzanine

Provides a more immersive, more productive meeting experience for the enterprise

Introducing Brilliant Visual Collaboration

To overcome your biggest business challenges, you require more than a video call. You need access and visibility to multiple streams of data and full engagement from your entire team. Mezzanine delivers advanced collaboration to teams in spaces of all sizes—from small-to-medium-sized teaming rooms to large executive briefing centers. The complete family of offerings makes it easy for you to identify the most appropriate Mezzanine solution for your particular business need, team composition, and physical space.

For Teaming Spaces

Why just update your video conferencing equipment when you can upgrade to advanced collaboration with Mezzanine? The 200 Series is a dual-screen configuration for small-to-medium-sized rooms. Whether you need to refresh your ageing video infrastructure or are seeking capabilities beyond standard video calling, Mezzanine 200 lets teams easily share and organize multiple streams of content across a dynamic workspace, accelerating understanding, and igniting participation, regardless of location.

Immersive Infopresence

Mezzanine 300 features three displays, presenting an immersive sandbox for visual collaboration. Teams can easily share their devices and applications for an unparalleled, content-forward experience. Up to three live video sources can be viewed at full resolution or a variety of graphics and content from connected devices can all be interactively positioned and viewed concurrently by meeting participants. Simple juxtaposition of content across the screens inspires fresh perspectives and innovative thinking

The Wow Factor

The 600 series features six screens that span multiple walls, creating a truly immersive environment for collaborative work and customer engagement. By enabling the visualization and distribution of multiple inputs across multiple surfaces in a room, Mezzanine 600 helps teams better manage and comprehend visual information to accelerate decision-making and increase engagement.

Amanda Bailey

Amanda Bailey


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