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At Project Audio Visual, we pride ourselves on being able to offer tailored solutions and the latest technology to drive everything from customer engagement to business relationships and internal collaboration. We work closely with businesses, seamlessly integrating bespoke corporate AV designed to solve problems and improve productivity. We understand the challenges faced in the corporate and business world and provide corporate AV that reduces operational costs, increase productivity and ensure effectively measurable collaboration. This improves communication to ensure your business retains an edge over your competitors.

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Corporate Audio Visual

The business world is in constant flux, and technology has had a significant impact on how business is run. Once upon a time, it was almost universal that all staff would be employed at a physical business address. And customers were likely to be reasonably local. But times have changed. To cut overheads, businesses may no longer supply physical premises for their employees. Instead, staff, whether directly employed or contracted, may be located anywhere across the globe, as might your clients.

This obviously raises the challenge of how to communicate effectively with employees and clients alike. The solution is corporate audio visual technology, which can be used across a wide range of organisations, both private and public sector to share information, news, and ideas to both internal and external stakeholders.

So what is corporate audio visual, how can it be used, and what types are there?


What is corporate AV?

Most simply put, corporate AV is any kind of digital device that enables a business or other organisation to communicate its message to interested parties, both within and without the company.


Applications of corporate AV technology

Corporate AV technology can be used across any organisation to spread ideas and awareness, convey information, and work in collaboration.

From the boardroom, to the day to day running of the business, to major events, AV solutions are key to communicating effectively.

There is a wide range of audio visual technology available, but the most common are video conferencing, interactive technology and digital signage.


Video conferencing

Every business will have at least one meeting. Whether it’s at boardroom level, management level, or between staff members and clients, video conferencing is an efficient and effective way of connecting people across the globe.

Video conferencing offers an effective alternative to telephone calls, allowing as it does for the exchange of non-verbal communication and the development of stronger relationships between people who may never meet in person. It’s ideal for connecting team members for a meeting or corporate education, or for liaising with clients.

Video conferencing isn’t just about talking, however. Strong audio visual solutions also allow for sharing documents and presentations in real time through network connected conference rooms or wireless bring-your-own-devices (BYODs).

Other benefits include a reduction in staff travel costs and times, and a reduction in the time spent on projects as a result of improved communications.


Interactive technology

Interactive technology comes in a range of forms including multiple award winning interactive digital displays from Clever Touch interactive displays .

Studies show that people respond well to visual aids, and that they aid the learning and retention process. It also allows for more collaborative working between individuals and freer exchange of ideas.

Clever Touch interactive displays allow for collaboration in real time in meetings or during training sessions. They’re ideal for communicating management information.

Interactive digital display boards are another way of engaging with staff and clients alike. They are perfect for use on occasions such as conferences or sales events. Again, people are more likely to engage with the material and information for stronger recall and memory.


Digital signage

Digital signage is an effective way of displaying content and sharing company information with staff and visitors alike. Not limited to one site, it’s a particularly efficient way to share content from a central location with screens in other locations to disseminate information or provide training.

For those sites that receive visitors, digital signage is a way of communicating the business’ brand and values to the public. Or it can be used at exhibitions and conferences to further raise the profile of the business. Many audio visual companies now rent screens out for temporary usage.


Choosing an AV solution

An audio visual solution is a significant investment in your organisation and it’s important to fully understand your organisation’s individual needs before any project begins. Choosing an AV installation company should be undertaken with care, and time taken to establish their credentials and experience in the field.

An experienced audio visual installation contractor will take the time to really understand your organisation, its goals and aims, and what it wants to achieve through its AV solution before creating a suitable design. As well as installation, many AV installation companies also offer maintenance packages, which will ensure the continued efficiency of your AV services.

Whatever the size of your organisation, and whatever sector it’s located in, the right AV technology will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of communication and its success.

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Corporate Audio Visual Benefits

We can provide your business with the tools to collaborate and communicate whenever and wherever is required, through powerful corporate AV that will help reduce business travel and costs. Our solutions are designed to be easily manageable and user-friendly, helping to maximise adoption and usage across your company and ensuring that you see a positive return on your investment.

By utilising audio visual technology, you give your business the ability to access information quickly and effectively. Digital displays, for example, play a key role in customer-facing engagement and require leading technologies to inspire buying decisions to encourage customers to choose you over the competition. Whether they are in your central hub or on the road, we can design AV systems that incorporate every aspect of technology necessary to retain a competitive edge in this turbulent financial time.

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