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Clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and sporting facilities benefit enormously by using hospitality AV that includes LED and video walls to advertise their products and promote brands they supply. This enhances brand awareness while also improving guest experiences. Project Audio Visual can provide as simple or as complex a hospitality AV solution as your business requires, but the result is always the same – a seamlessly integrated, flawlessly operating AV setup which attracts attention, engages guests and creates an experience that can improve ROI and brand recognition.

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Night Clubs
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AV enhances guest experiences and helps deliver ROI opportunities


Night clubs demand precise, reliable and consistent audio visual systems that never fail to bring in customers and keep them returning again and again. The success of a night club relies heavily on the sounds, the themes and the atmosphere – the essential ingredients that give you the edge over others in the industry. We supply and install the very best in AV systems in night clubs up and down the country, providing seamless technology that integrates perfectly with current equipment.

Pubs & Bars

Entertaining, engaging and providing an all-round welcoming experience to customers is key for any pub or bar, and with increasingly high expectations from customers, this relies more and more on the technology available. From large LED TVs for the biggest sporting or entertainment events, to seamlessly integrated systems that create the perfect atmosphere for your target audience, technology plays an essential role in both attracting and retaining the right customer base.

Sporting facilities

In large sporting arenas where a sport is played at the highest level, certain split-second events can often be missed by the audience. We can provide high definition screens that can help display the most up to date statistics, information and even instant replays in a stunningly clear and sharp picture, ensuring your audience won’t miss a thing.

Hotels & Events

Choosing highly advanced and engaging audio visual technology for hotels, large conference centres, meeting venues and events spaces ensures that these venues have the edge over their competitors. We have extensive experience in designing and installing AV systems in event venues to deliver superb, captivating and entertaining results. In addition, our customer support and maintenance ensures that our AV solutions continue to perform optimally through years of heavy use.

Clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and sporting facilities benefit highly by using LED and Video Walls to advertise their products and promote brands they supply

Amanda Bailey

Amanda Bailey


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