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As online shopping continues to grow and develop, we recognise the importance of creating AV retail spaces that engage more effectively with customers. Our team have wide and varied experience in creating and enhancing spaces in some of UK’S best retail locations and for some of the world’s most recognised brands. Our AV retail solutions will help you drive footfall and increase customer spending. We have vast experience working with clients and agency partners in the retail sector and understand how to translate AV retail into profit-driving solutions that are cost effective and tailored to your needs and budget.

Increase awareness, engage customers & drive revenue with AV retail

Modern day retail business’s who want to harness the attention of shoppers need to create memorable experiences for their customers. In this technology driven age, the best way to achieve this, is through visually exciting AV retail installations that provide information and interaction in real time, increasing customer spend and brand awareness through highly engaging point of purchase and other in-store displays.

Reinventing retail for the consumer

Over 90% of retail customers search for and purchase online. The increasing use of technology – and the instant gratification it provides – in how people choose to shop is a challenge for many retail brands, who need to drive in-store purchases and encourage repeat visits. AV retail bridges that gap and immerses customers by delivering targeted messaging that holds attention.

Attract, Activate & Retain Customers

Retailers who have adopted audio visual retail technology solutions have experienced an increase of up to 33% in additional sales. Studies have further shown that 84% of UK retailers regard digital signage as an opportunity to significantly raise brand awareness, with 19% of consumers claiming to have made unplanned, impulse purchases of products they’ve seen advertised digitally.

Engage Customers & Drive Revenue

Project Audio Visual provides a range of AV solutions that can encourage customers to buy your products. Large digital displays, LED video walls, transparent displays, touch screens, digital signage, sound systems and light systems are all available for retailers to increase revenue, whilst at the same time creating a more memorable experience for customers and attract shoppers passing by.

Project Audio Visual are leading the way in AV retail spaces. Below are just a few of the ways we can help you enhance customer experiences

Video Walls & LED Displays

LED displays allow for sharp images, bright eye catching visuals and high saturation colour, whether viewed up close or from a distance. Video walls improve audience engagement and retention and deliver more detailed eye catching content across multiple locations. Learn more about video wall technology

Digital Signage

Digital signage has a powerful influence on buying decisions. Customers don’t just glance – they engage, and remember what they see. Digital signs can drive impulse buys and they motivate customers to action. 19% of consumers claim to have made unplanned, impulse purchases of products they’ve seen advertised digitally. Learn more about digital signage

Interactive Displays

Interactive experiences create a connection between your brand and consumers. Take it one step further and install an interactive display in your retail space to really engage with your audience. There are many benefits to using an interactive display – people can self-service information, products and content in a more user friendly way increasing interest, productivity and saving time. Learn more about interactive display

Project Audio Visual helps Gemserv transform their Business with Boardroom AV technology

Gemserv is a specialist market design, governance and assurance service provider, they set out to upgrade their AV capability to reflect this. Thanks to Project Audio Visual, they found a solution that has made their business more streamlined and efficient than ever before.

“They are very easy to do business with, very responsive. Not only have they delivered what they said they would but they have backed it up with really good service: expert training on the equipment, all the relevant manuals and prompt technician visits in response to any issues.”

Amanda Bailey

Amanda Bailey


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