Digital signage solutions

70% of UK adults have seen a digital video display in the past month versus 43% on the internet and 41% on Facebook. Digital signage solutions allow you to send information and promotions to your customers, employees and visitors in real time, keeping them up to date with clear, consistent and timely messages and promotions.

Attracts Attention 

A dynamic sign is more eye catching with a higher probability to get your customers’ attention. Once you have their attention, you have an opportunity to influence their buying decisions. 84% of UK retailers regard digital signage as an opportunity to significantly raise brand awareness.


Increases Sales 

Digital signage has a powerful influence on buying decisions. Customers don’t just glance, they engage, and remember what they see. Digital signs can drive impulse buys and they motivate customers to action. 19% of consumers claim to have made unplanned, impulse purchases of products they’ve seen advertised digitally.

Reduces Costs

Digital advertising costs 80% less than television or newspaper advertisements. By eliminating the need to print and distribute static signs every time you change your campaign, you substantially save on printing/distributing costs and processing time.

Project Audio Visual – Leading Digital Signage Provider

Project Audio Visual have the knowledge, skills and experience to provide digital signage technology that meets your needs and your budget. We have many years of experience providing tailored digital signage solutions, professional installation and maintenance of digital signage.

We have a dedicated team of digital signage experts who can plan and install digital signage solutions that deliver bright and sharp images in real time. We can install everything from single display units to fully customisable video walls and offer bespoke installations. Because we are familiar with the priorities and needs of our clients, all our digital signage services are sophisticated, scalable, and energy efficient. We incorporate features that make it easy to manage remote devices across networks with scheduled functions and real-time status monitoring, content management tools to assemble, schedule, deliver and playback content across networks and manage and distribute real-time data from multiple sources.


Digital Signage We Provide 

Point of sale
Interactive digital signage
Outdoor digital signage
Indoor digital signage
Event Signage
Digital menu boards
Digital display

We also provide digital content services. Visit our content services page to learn more or get in touch with our team

Project Audio Visual helps Haslam transform their office with a stunning new digital display


Haslams Chartered Surveyors are highly respected commercial property agents and corporate property consultants based in Reading. Following the installation, Haslams have seen their office transformed by the stunning quality of their new digital display allowing them to showcase new properties and developments through a spectacular visual medium; not only are they benefiting from an eye-catching feature within their office space, the video has also augmented Haslams business presence within their location

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Why Choose Project Audio Visual For Your Digital Signage Solutions?

With our customer focused approach, we tailor digital signage solutions to suit your needs and your budget. As accredited providers with many years of experience, we service clients across the globe. Get in touch and we will provide an obligation free quote and a site survey.

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