Huddle Rooms

A huddle room provides cost-effective collaboration

With the growing trend for open plan offices, many businesses are opting for huddle rooms – a number of small meeting areas – in favour of a single, large conference room. Not only are these spaces cost effective to set up, they also encourage collaboration and are ideal for open office environments where small teams may need to work together, or where there is no space for a traditional conference room. A huddle room is generally more cost effective to set up, as the space required is smaller and requires less powerful AV equipment, as employees sit closer to the microphones and cameras.

Huddle room installations are perfect for creating a space where employees can collaborate on projects, or engage in conference calls away from the noise of an open plan office. They are also ideal for confidential calls, providing a private space for work that cannot be carried out in an open plan office.

Here are four reasons why you should invest in a huddle room for your business


Many smaller rooms eliminates issues with scheduling conference calls and meetings, as there is a greater chance of a room being available immediately rather than having to schedule a meeting days in advance. This also increases productivity, as meetings can be called spontaneously to resolve urgent problems, and remote colleagues can be contacted and included in the meeting easily using the AV facilities, via text, email or phone


Often, when a meeting is held in a large conference room, a large number of attendees are invited – even when their presence is not urgently required. This is a waste of time and productivity. Smaller meeting rooms mean that only the relevant employees are in attendance. With a smaller group of people, there is a higher chance that solutions can be found and definite plans can be made, ensuring that there is an effective outcome to the meeting and that time is not wasted.


Huddle rooms provide a space where in-office and remote employees can connect and share information, quickly and efficiently. In a smaller space that still includes full AV set up, it is easy to contact workers who are on the road, in between sales calls and meetings, and include them in a team discussion to provide updates and resolve problems.


While large conference facilities are expensive to set up, and are not cost effective if they are rarely used to their full capacity, huddle rooms are just the opposite. In a small space there is less need for powerful microphones and video equipment, and there is a greater chance that the space will be used often for it’s intended purpose, increasing productivity in employees.

Amanda Bailey

Amanda Bailey


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