Cutting edge MDT solutions

At project Audio Visual, we understand the importance of high quality technology throughout multi-disciplinary team (MDT) rooms in a medical setting. When an MDT meeting takes place in an environment such as a hospital, it is essential that it runs efficiently – and introducing superb MDT room technology will enable proficiency for all medical professionals. Our cutting edge MDT solutions allow groups of medical professionals to discuss patient cases with a view to arriving at a joined-up treatment pathway, often referring to evidence collected from a range of sources, including: endoscopy systems, PACS systems, charts, pathology microscopes, and patient records etc. These images can be displayed over twin displays, either by large LCD/LED DICOM screens of suitable high brightness and image quality or video projection of a type suited to radiology and pathology imaging. Other key design features included in an MDT room setup will include operation by a wireless touch panel, ceiling microphones to allow all participants to speak from anywhere in the room and a wall mounted x-ray film viewer. Our MDT solutions make meetings between medical professionals more efficient, allowing patient information to be shared and displayed in high resolution with almost no delay. The result is a critical saving of time for busy medical professionals, speedier patient diagnoses and thus the ability to offer a higher level of patient care.

MDT Technologies

Simple conferencing set-up process

Capturing and storage of image data during & post meeting

Quality HD display of video and still images

24/7 – 365 on site Service Support

Dicom compliant screens

Integration with any clinical work station, microscope, visualiser and camera



MDT technology to enhance the quality of MDT rooms

We appreciate that MDT rooms are incredibly significant in a medical environment, especially when it involves a patient’s well-being or discussing treatments and cures for health issues. Installing first class MDT technology in your MDT rooms is a superb method of improving the quality of these meetings. We will conduct a site survey prior to installation to determine the time scale of the project and to ensure that the right equipment is chosen to suit your specific needs and budget. Our team will discuss the full installation process with you from start to finish

Cutting Edge Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) rooms 

We will conduct a site survey prior to installation to determine the time scale of the project and to insure the right equipment is chosen. Our team will discuss the full installation process with you from start to finish. We will conduct a site survey and recommend the right equipment to suit your specific needs and budget.


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Why Choose Project Audio Visual For Your MDT Room?

We have a customer focused approach, and develop tailor made MDT room AV solutions to meet your specific needs. We take into account building layouts, existing technology, function requirements, and your budget, to design, install and provide long term support for high quality MDT room AV systems. We create solutions that use the latest technology, are future proof and within your budget needs. Get in touch and we will provide an obligation free quote and a site survey.

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