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Neat was founded in Oslo, Norway, by a team of creative mavericks that, for decades, have shaped game-changing innovations for some of the world’s most recognised video communications brands.
Neat designs simple and elegant pioneering video devices for Microsoft Teams and Zoom, helping make the meeting space experience the best it can be. Delivering you the future of video today, Neat bridges the gap between in-room and remote participants like never before by individually auto framing each person in the room and presenting them equally up close on remote participants screens.

Bring your colleagues or students together in the digital meeting space with the most realistic experience yet. We’re honoured to be an accredited Neat partner.

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Neat Bar

Packs a punch
For huddle and medium meeting rooms
Use Near Bar straight from the box to kick start meetings comfortably for up to ten people. Perfect for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms, Near Bar combines an intelligent 120° wide-angle camera and a five-mic array microphone. Neat Bar includes a self-activate mode, one tap share and instinctive auto-framing for seamless interactions.

Neat Bar Pro

Go up a notch
For medium and large meeting rooms
Dial your meetings up a notch with Neat Bar Pro. Capable of driving three large screens, Neat Bar Pro is ideal for bigger meeting spaces with more participants. Detecting, enlarging, and following all in-room participants in-full close-up, Neat Bar Pro encourages inclusive meetings with lifelike engagement.

Neat Board

Creativity across the board
For medium and large meeting rooms, open offices and workshop
Designed to provide you with everything you need in your meeting room, Neat Board gives you the freedom and flexibility to collaborate from wherever works best for your business. It’s full of rich features with an intuitive interface that supports teams with everything they need to communicate and offers flexible installation options for versatile usage.

Neat Pad

One touch, 2 roles
For huddle and large meeting rooms, classrooms, training
One touch. Two roles. Have complete control over Teams or Zoom meetings from a central location via the Neat Pad. Alternativity, use Neat Pad as a room scheduling device to book and display room availability. Configure multiple Neat Pads for the ultimate meeting room solution.

Neat Frame

A beautiful way to meet
For personal office, focus rooms, booths or pods, hot desking or front desk
Consolidate meetings to free up your computer for other tasks with the support of Neat Frame. The compact 15.6-inch portrait touch screen provides a more focused space for virtual meetings. With an advanced camera, speakers, microphone and environmental sensors, Neat Frame picks up every facial expression or gesture, letting you interact naturally and continue working your way.

All of the products within the Neat portfolio fully are Microsoft Teams certified.

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