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Awaken your meetings rooms!

In-person, virtual or hybrid, there is no denying that the idea of the traditional meeting room has evolved. This is why it’s so important to create an experience that is seamless across both physical and digital environments.

Whether you want to equip small, medium and large meeting rooms or boardrooms with an updated audio visual system, our solutions ensure your spaces provide flexibility and inclusivity to all participants. 

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“When set up with Microsoft Teams, certified Teams devices for meeting rooms will transform the conferencing experience; allowing users to simply walk into the space and start a virtual meeting at the touch of a button.” 

Don Lambresca, CEO, Project Audio Visual

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Meeting rooms designed for the hybrid world

As hybrid working styles pave a new direction for business communication, a well-configured meeting room will allow participants to start a meeting instantly and be heard and seen throughout the interaction, no matter where they stand or sit.

We strive to create consistency across spaces by hand-picking technology devices that will offer you the same user experience throughout your business. 

Each meeting room solution is configured to the shape, size, acoustics and requirements of the environment so that technology model numbers may vary from room to room, but the outcome remains the same.

Inclusive solutions 

Professional video conferencing solutions built for the shape and size of the meeting room.

Meet with confidence

Quick start meetings with clear video and audio for in-room and remote particpants.

Private and confidential
Secure communication software and hardware to keep your meetings private.

Unlock Microsoft Teams features with certified meeting room devices.

The Teams platform is revolutionising the way we communicate. And when paired with certified Microsoft Teams devices designed for small, medium or large meeting rooms, user adoption accelerates and enhances the experience for in-person and virtual participants.

Employees can easily make professional video conferencing calls, chat, share documents and collaborate via in-room technology hardware.  

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