Microsoft Teams Rooms

Transform physical workspaces into vibrant communication environments.

As people move between home environments, the office and on the road, they need flexibility to maintain their digital workflow. Microsoft Teams collaboration software is ideal for creating this foundation. 

By creating dedicated Microsoft Teams Rooms, your business can transform its virtual workspaces into vibrant environments where people can accomplish their best work together.

Discover the benefits of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms.

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“Microsoft Teams dominates digital communication and ignites a new working style for hybrid teams. Human interactions are at the heart of the Teams platform, which is why it’s had rapid uptake in users and leading the market as the fastest developing collaboration platform. By creating dedicated Microsoft Teams Rooms, employees are supported with intelligent technology that makes seamless and consistent workspaces."  

Don Lambresa, CEO, Project Audio Visual

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What is a Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Microsoft Teams Rooms come in all shapes and sizes. We integrate the Teams platform with Microsoft Teams certified technology hardware to provide a complete meeting experience that brings HD video, audio, and content sharing into a single solution that is easily managed and inclusive for all users. It bridges the gap between physical and virtual workspaces, playing a vital role in enabling effective hybrid collaboration.

Huddle spaces, meeting rooms, all-hands areas and even live event spaces can all symbolise a Microsoft Teams Room.

Why Microsoft Teams for business? 

Microsoft Teams simplifies business communications. Employees can make professional calls, chat, meet, and collaborate from one single interface, whilst simultaneously gaining access to wireless file sharing, task management, video conferencing communication, whiteboarding, co-creation, and virtual team rooms.

Inclusive meetings

Create inclusive environments for in-room and remote participants where everyone can be seen and heard. 

Natural connections 

Provide the most natural virtual interactions with professional-grade audio and visual devices.

Empower users

Enable all employees to enhance their workflow with easy-to-use technology that’s consistent.

Design your Microsoft Teams Rooms

We’ll help you design Microsoft Teams Rooms that centralise collaboration and company culture to foster user adoption within your workforce. We’ll walk you through everything you need, from Teams Rooms licensing to installation and lifetime support.

Explore our room solutions!

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