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Communicate creatively and effectively

Dedicated podcasts and streaming suites are increasing in popularity and require intelligent audio and recording systems to capture and stream live or pre-recorded sessions. 

By combining the leading audio-visual devices with the Microsoft Teams platform, you can make virtual events creative and engaging with mixed media such as backdrop overlays, videos, and real-time interaction through polls and the chat function.

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“Podcasts and live online events are booming, and it's a great way for businesses to convey company information to a broader audience quickly. We help our clients to put together the right professional technology that lets them seamlessly switch between media assets within a live event, making it as engaging and clear as possible.”

Don Lambresa, CEO, Project Audio Visual

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What is a Live Event Suite?

Live event suites are professional environments supported with broadcast-quality audio and visual technology to host, record and broadcast content to on-site delegates and audiences, as well as remote participants 

Our team of specialists understand that recording goes beyond the initial use of the technology. We factor in the room's acoustics and layout to ensure the technology works best within its environment. From small solo set-ups to a multi-person space, each system is specified to your requirements.


Broadcast your messages quickly and effectively to a wide audience. 


Use mixed media to elevate content and keep virtual audiences engaged. 


Dedicated spaces to create professional content without distraction.

Broadcast to the masses via Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Events produced live in your office enable you to host webinars with professionally created backdrops and broadcast facilities, making the same experience simultaneously for live and online audiences.

Create interactive presentations with high-quality outputs within your Teams environment via accredited devices and technology. We can help you set up the system to be operated by your team or send our onsite engineers to facilitate more significant and landmark events as required.

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Communication is our speciality, so we’d love to hear from you about your audio visual needs.

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