Huddle Spaces

Elevate impromptu meetings.

We love a huddle space. Why? Because we can create them just about anywhere.

That dead space in the office corner or the nook at the top of a stairwell can transform into a vibrant collaboration hive, or purpose-built technical hubs across open working zones can convert to make stunning video conferencing booths.

The fundamentals of huddle spaces are simple, but the possibilities are endless, especially when paired with Microsoft Teams.

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“Teams for Huddle spaces enable staff to continue their digital workflow away from their desks without interruption to book or create meetings formally. A good huddle space will naturally follow the flow of the space, acting as a support system to bring hybrid staff together and unify communications.” 

Steve Hudson, COO, Project Audio Visual

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What is a Huddle Space?

Huddle spaces empower small groups to collaborate by providing quick access to well-configured technical and flexible environments.

They’ve become essential in open-plan offices, providing just enough privacy for teams to have meetings away from their desks and avoid distracting others. Creating smaller spaces that house professional audio and visual equipment is transforming the nature of rapid and casual encounters and supporting the influx of hybrid workers.

Huddle spaces are generally compact, so technology choices should be simple, accessible, and inclusive. The goal is to find harmony between devices that deliver a truly unified communications hybrid experience.


Huddle spaces fit anywhere - from under stairwells to an atrium and public areas to create ad-hoc grab-and-go meeting areas.


Simplified technology setups focused on bring-your-own-device interactivity.


Encourage spontaneous collaboration and interaction with in-person and remote colleagues.

Realise the potential of your huddle space with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

The Teams platform is bursting with features that are business shaping. When paired with certified Microsoft Teams technology designed for huddle spaces, user adoption accelerates and enhances the experience for both in-person and virtual participants.

Teams for huddle spaces let you simplify the way your business communicates. Employees can make professional calls, chat, meet and collaborate from one interface. All of this whilst also gaining access to wireless file sharing, task management, video conferencing communication, whiteboarding, co-creation and virtual team rooms.

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