Large workspaces

Workspaces that move your people.

Large workspaces, all-hands areas, auditoriums and townhall environments give businesses the flexibility to create multipurpose environments that inspired people with alternative working trends.

Help people participate naturally in large workspaces by being seen and heard from wherever they are in the room.

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“When we redesigned our office, we knew we wanted to turn our break area into a multipurpose environment and it’s become one of our most frequently used areas. The flexibility of the space enables us to reconfigure it for company presentations, social events and as a communal breakout area. Experiencing this first-hand has opened our eyes to the endless possibilities, and companies shouldn’t underestimate the power large workspaces have on business.” 

Steve Hudson, COO, Project Audio Visual

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The versatility of large workspaces

We strive to create creative spaces that bring your people together in-person or virtually. By hand-selecting the technology that goes into your large workspaces, we ensure that the solution will adapt to the changing layout and increase user adoption. 

Each of our large workspace solutions is configured to the shape, size, acoustics and requirements of your environment.


Multipurpose spaces engage participants with flexible working environments.

Meet with confidence

Quick start meetings with intelligent video and audio that track in-room and remote participants.

Supercharge interactions

Connect larger groups of people to maintain the digital workflow.

Bring Teams into your large workspaces.

Maintain the digital workflow in your large workspaces and communal areas by integrating the Microsoft Teams platform with certified Teams hardware devices.

Large-scale workspaces hugely benefit from the Teams features, which support document creation and sharing and multiple creative ways to communicate with remote participants via video calls and chat. 

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