Case Studies:

King's Walk Shopping Centre

The Challenge

King’s Walk Shopping Centre in Reading was rapidly losing business, suffering from its lack of identity in comparison to an indoor shopping centre nearby.  Mr Strong, the CEO of the Atlantis Group, wanted to turn King’s Walk into the Atlantis Village, a culinary destination with authentic food and restaurants. 


The challenge was to create a perfectly fitted digital wall  around a pillar located  at the entrance  of King’s Walk Shopping Centre, with an entirely seamless finish. The digital display needed to stream eye-catching and engaging content to procure new business and customers to the shopping centre.

The Solution

We used a curved LED video wall to create an eye-catching and stylish outside panel. This was a vast piece of equipment, measuring just short of 6 metres tall by almost 5 metres wide. The wall was supplied by Linso LED, which we then curved around the pillar.


The Lino LED display quickly catches the attention of passers-by with its high-resolution image quality, making it the perfect communication medium within a shopping centre. It also has wireless capabilities, meaning that advertising messages can be updated remotely over the internet. We put Mr Strong in touch with a fantastic designer to create the digital content shown on the pillar. 


We also installed a BrightSign Digital Signage unit to help add a modern feel to the area and provide a valuable service to customers. This can be used remotely, meaning presentations can be deployed to it from around the world. With this fantastic equipment, you can stream messages, presentations, social and news feeds, video, and live TV across any screen, from tabletop displays to large display walls.

The Result

The front of the King’s Walk Shopping Centre now features a stunning visual display that captures shoppers' attention as they walk down the street. The installation was a first of its kind in the area and repositioned the King’s Walk Shopping Centre as a retail innovator and attracted new business to its establishment.