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Break the meeting room mould

We’ve combined the ultimate certified Microsoft Teams Rooms devices into a single solution to shake up traditional small to medium meeting room setups.

Discover how to effectively elevate user experiences, reduce meeting fatigue and increase productivity for all in-room and remote participants.

Smart meetings start with smart choices.

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Revolutionise how people are seen, heard and work.

Inclusive participation
Smooth 180-degree field of view captures all room participants in Panoramic-4K for a truly inclusive environment.  
Natural encounters
Intelligent people tracking and speaker recognition to let people interact naturally from anywhere in the room.
Easy to use
Consistent Teams experience with a familiar and intuitive interface with one-touch join or touch-free with proximity join and voice control.
Secure, managed and scalable
Purpose-built for meeting spaces and secured by AI-drive management capabilities to minimise support costs. Built-in suite of security solutions to protect your employees and data.

Design your all-in-one solution for small to medium Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Reinvent meetings

Microsoft Teams Rooms
Revolutionise how meeting participants are seen, heard, and even work with an all-in-one video conferencing sound bar.

The PanaCast 50 from Jabra is the first video conferencing bar engineered to capture all participants with professional audio, three 4K cameras, innovative 180-degree video technology and advanced intelligence-driven tracking features.
Detachable PTZ Camera
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Work smarter

Native Microsoft Whiteboarding
Simplify the start of meetings with one-touch. Control all Microsoft Teams and peripheral devices from a single location and eliminate connectivity issues for increased productivity.  

Choose from the Lenovo ThinkSmart Core and Controller Kit or Crestron Flex for the most powerful Microsoft Teams Rooms experiences. 
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Collaborate face-to-face

Microsoft Teams Rooms
Showcase your documents and remote participants on high-resolution commercial displays for the best visual support.  

Choose from various interactive or static digital displays to find a screen that fits your room size.
Detachable PTZ Camera
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Upgrade your Microsoft Teams Rooms today

Subtle changes to your room configuration and technology can improve meetings dramatically. 

Request a free consultation today and we’ll provide you with a proof of concept to enhance your current meeting rooms.
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