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We’ve created thousands of Microsoft Teams Rooms and every single brief has differed from the next - that’s what makes Microsoft Teams rooms so exciting. But they all have one thing in common, the need to simplify usage to improve communication. 

And the art of creating a successful Microsoft Teams Room that fosters collaboration and promotes productivity for in-room and hybrid participants is to combine user and business desires with technology that unlocks creativity. If your meeting rooms lack flare, Surface Hub 2S from Microsoft is designed to streamline Teams meetings and inject energy into workflows to bring hybrid teams closer together than ever before. 

Discover how Surface Hub 2S is the answer to multiple desires.   

Delve beneath the surface.

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Purposely built for Microsoft Teams by the creators of Microsoft Teams. 

Equal opportunities
Empower people to participate how they want and from where they want with the Surface Hub 20-point touch screen, stylus pen and wireless connectivity.
Natural interactions
The 4K AI-powered Smart Camera, combined with the professional built-in speakers and microphones, captures and reframes interactions naturally. 
Intuitive interface
The Microsoft Teams interface lets individuals move seamlessly between devices guaranteeing ease of use to start meetings rapidly and access and share files smoothly.
Secured and managed
Built on Windows, Surface Hub 2S delivers enterprise-grade modern security and remote management tools to enforce data protection.

Implement Surface Hub 2S into your workspaces.

Surface Hub 2S is a powerful collaboration device that allows teams to meet, co-create and collaborate seamlessly in the Microsoft Teams platform. It breaks down the boundaries for hybrid teams allowing them to conduct the most inclusive and productive meetings from any workspace.

The sophisticated design of the Surface Hub 2S has been intelligently engineered to adapt to various environments, making it one of the most versatile interactive displays on the market.

Huddle spaces

Microsoft Teams Rooms
The 50” Surface Hub 2S is ideal for smaller spaces. Available with a portable Stealcase RoamTM mobile stand, the Surface Hub 2S moves easily between spaces to keep the creativity flowing.

Featuring an APCTM Charge Mobile Battery - there won’t be a power cable in sight!  
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Meeting rooms

Native Microsoft Whiteboarding
Put the Surface Hub 2S at the front of your meetings to present teams with an empowering tool to meet and co-create.

The easy-to-install wall mount places Surface Hub 2S centrally to your room set-up, allowing for all in-room participants to be clearly heard and seen from anywhere in the room.  
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Large workspaces

Microsoft Teams Rooms
Enable coordinated meetings and multiscreen meeting experiences when using the Surface Hub 2S as a front and side-of-room device.

Fix an 85” display to the wall and use a portable 50” Surface Hub 2S to present and collaborate for the most immersive meetings.
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Virtual Meetings

Native Microsoft Whiteboarding
Remote participants benefit from the Surface Hub 2S AI-powered Smart Camera and professional microphones, giving them the best possible view of the room and interactions on their personal devices. 

Remote teams can also utilise the whiteboard features via the Teams platform to fully participate in the live meeting room action.   
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