Case Studies:

Cancer Research UK

The Challenge

Cancer Research UK, the world's leading independent cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research, influence and information, needed a unified communications system to modernise its 43 meeting spaces and seamlessly connect its team spread across two locations.

Due to a previously mismanaged installation, the project was under strict time and budget constraints.

The Solution

The Microsoft Teams communications platform naturally suited the inner workings at Cancer Research UK, enabling their staff, partners, researchers and volunteers to continue communicating without interruption as they move between working environments. 

To upgrade their meeting spaces into physical Microsoft Teams Rooms, we centred the hardware around the Crestron Flex. This powerful tool gives flexibility to any space regardless of size, meaning we could use the same solution across all the rooms to provide Cancer Research with an easy to use and consistent user interface for all the users.

Non-for-profit organisation
Microsoft Teams Rooms solution
43 Meeting Spaces (4-44 person capacity)
Two locations

The Result

Initially, the project was to upgrade 38 meeting spaces within the Cancer Research UK central offices in Stratford, UK. Due to the solution's success, Cancer Research UK rolled out a further three Microsoft Teams Rooms into its Cambridge office. 

Thanks to concise planning and open communication between the team at Cancer Research UK and our technical team, we have designed and installed a solution that provides a consistent experience across all spaces. This was completed within the time and budget constraints. 

As certified Creston and Microsoft partners, we reassured the Cancer Research UK team on their system choice by providing complimentary user adoption training for Microsoft Teams and Crestron Flex.

“As a charity, we rely on communication to keep our organisation moving in the bid to fight Cancer. The solution Project Audio Visual devised for us has helped us more than we’d ever know. Not only has it increased productivity for individuals, but it’s freed up our IT department from having to conduct minor technical issues. From the outset, we were clear about the experience we had previously encountered and Steve reassured us every step of the way by educating us on our hardware choices; we couldn’t be happier.”